Membership Levels

Level Price  
Free Pass & Monthly League Game. Free Select


Prize Money for all months with 20+ participants will be as follows if less than 20 participants only the trophy will be awarded:

1st place £50 and a winners trophy, 2nd place £30, 3rd place £20.

 For more info please read below.

Whilst we build this service it will only offer starting prices so no live prices until we gauge how much bandwidth will be eaten up.

There will be no limit on how many horses per day you can pick, as long as this is not abused it will remain unlimited.

The results will also only be updated just after midnight this again is to gauge traffic, any voids such as non-runners will also be dealt with during the update.

At the same time as the results update the next days horses will also become available for tipping.

In order for any of our tipsters to be allowed to set up a subscription service, you must have placed in the top 5 in any one of our monthly league tables.

Anybody who has placed in the top 5 will be emailed by us to offer you the option of a subscription-based service or not.

As this service becomes fully tested we will introduce new measures such as live prices and more regular updates as soon as we are sure it will be able to handle the extra workload.

If you spot any problems or indeed have any suggestions that could make it better for you please emails us and let us know.  Thankyou and good luck.