Membership Levels

Level Price  
Free Free Select
Daily Subscriber £2.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Day.
Weekly Subscriber £10.00 now.
Membership expires after 7 Days.
TEN WINNERS FOR £10 £10.00 now. Select
£2 for 3 Extra Horses £2.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Day.


Here’s how our subscription service works.

No matter what level of service you take out you will get given 3 Subscriber horses per day, if you do not receive at least one winner in those 3 subscriber selections you will be given another days free subscription.

So if you pay £2 for a daily pass you will get access to the days 3 subscriber horses if none of them win we will add another free days pass until you get a winner.

That way you cannot lose you will always get at least one winner for every day you have paid for.

If you pay £10 for a weeks membership you will be guaranteed 7 winners before your membership expires regardless of how many days it takes to get your 7 winners.

Also if you pay for a weeks membership and you have already had seven winners on day 4 your membership will not expire until the week is up regardless of how many winners we have given you.

The only membership where you do not get free days added for days with no winners is the monthly membership, our selections are catered towards achieving a monthly profit and we cannot track individual members over a monthly period with extra days added.

All of our memberships should also use both sets of tips ie freebies and subscriber tips as this should boost your chance of an overall profit during your subscription service.

Monthly membership will only be available at the start of each month or a day either side of it. So you should try our daily or weekly service if the monthly option is not available.