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P Peters April 2019 Subscriber Tips Selections Breakdown

Total SelectionsTotal 1stsTotal 2ndsTotal 3rdsTotal 4thsTotal VoidMonths Profit / Loss
A full breakdown of all selections wins and places.
Points profit total is with any each-way selections included only if they were preselected as each-way tips. Any each-way selections the 1pt is split 0.5pt for the win and 0.5pt each-way


***We are currently going through a losing streak so cannot justify any new paid subscriptions, when we emerge from it we will reinstate our services.***

***If you only see one tipster available above it’s because one is on a break multipass will also be deactivated when there is only one tipster available.***

Here’s how our subscription service works.

At present, our site has 2 different tipsters P Peters who also supplies the current free tips, and W Lewis who used to provide the subscriber tips so there are two different tipsters it’s up to you to decide which tipster you wish to signup to.

There is also a multi tipster daily pass which shows you all the tips from both tipsters, we may also add a weekly option for this at a later date.

Both tipsters current monthly stats are available to see just below the signup buttons this may help you to decide which to go for.

There is no set amount of tips that each subscriber will give per day but it’s usually 3 or more, there can be a crossover on some horses as they are allowed to use the same races.

You will also still have access to the Free Tips horses regardless of whether you are a subscriber or not and these are still currently provided by P Peters although they are obviously different to his subscriber tips.

We cannot guarantee that there will be winners every day of your subscription so please¬†don’t send us abusive emails if there are no winners as it will just get you banned.

Whilst we try our hardest to produce winners every day there are always periods when we can get it wrong after all there are a lot of changeable variations in horse racing especially ground changes overnight.

Whilst we endeavor to always try and get decent prices they come with a higher risk so if we are going through a bad spell we will reduce the price selections to shorter prices.

This is not a get rich quick system and there is no such thing so please don’t expect to win every day with every horse.

If you are new to this service then I recommend you start out your first subscription period with just ¬£1 win per selection unless it’s an Each Way tip. If you become comfortable with it then increase it if and when you renew your subscription.

It is always best to use level stakes throughout your subscription period and always win only, this, of course, is up to you but our data suggests level stakes to win is the best way to use our selections.

We will not tolerate abusive emails, constructive criticism is fine but abusive emails will result in your account being terminated immediately.

We have no insider information so our tips can and do lose so don’t go betting money you can’t afford to lose.

In short, have fun gamble responsibly and let’s try and get you some profit.